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Excellent Replica Watches With Top Quality And Popular Replica Watches

Excellent Replica Watches With Top Quality And Popular Replica Watches

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IWC Pilot's Top Gun Automatic Chronograph Mens Watch IW389001

 IWC Pilot's Top Gun

IWC Pilot's Top Gun

IW389001, classic shape, simple black and white with a touch of fresh red, practical features, innovative timing dial, fine material, ceramic case and the new embossed calfskin, this.. The total, the so-called "low-key, luxury, connotation", in order to describe the watch is a re-image, however. Replica IWC Pilot's Top Gun

From the pilot's black cockpit design, which watch through the body was black, a little emphasis on the logo decorated with white, on the one hand, black and white take this is the most common life with the watch which worn in the wrist will not appear On the other hand, all black ceramic case with black calfskin strap, the combination of these very attractive material really rich charm, a small dial inside the small dial, Of a touch of red pointer, in turn brought a small fresh taste. Although the style of which watch a low-key, deep, yet yet fun and content.
Top Gun Navy Air Force logo is engraved on the bottom of the table, surrounded by white, surrounded by black, to fly posture to start the "Top Gun" is more introverted, exudes a strong military style.

 44 mm * 16.5 mm dial size although a little bit large, but the dial design style and function with is extremely delicate and reasonable, up and down two small dial echoes, one looks there is a road that can not tell the feelings of unknown feelings, the original this Dial style thanks to the pilot's black cockpit design. In order to take time to facilitate the dial as a whole with a black background, with instructions function pointer, scale, characters turn to white, this black and white take the way, take time to take point is again.

As a pilot watch, both day and night can be a smooth time should be a basic function. Which watch the central dial of the hour hand with 3/6/9/12 time scale coated with a special luminous coating, all-weather take time not to mention.
As a result of which both watch the timing function, so the second hand and not placed in the central passage of the dial, instead of placing a small dial at 6 o'clock position, this beautiful touch of red pointer really for this black and white with a small Fresh taste.
TOP GUN Navy Air Force Chronograph Timekeeping function design is very interesting. The central dial of the second hand is dedicated to the 60 seconds of the time, which was originally with the general timing function watch is not much difference, but the watch specifically used to fly back / reverse jump design, enhance a lot of style.http://www.ppawatches.co/


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